Proven skills and experience in Web Development industry

Our company has the complete team of online technology experts including Web Designer with more than 7 years of experience, HTML and CSS developer with more than 5 years of experience, and also Front-end and Back-end Developer who have built more than 60 websites in the past.

Adobe Business Catalyst Partner

We are also a premium partner of Adobe Business Catalyst, all-in-one platform/software that is specially designed for Online Businesses. Thus we are different from other web development companies who only use open source platform (e.g. Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal), because we have the licence to use Adobe Business Catalyst and implement it to our clients business.

The following are some of the unique value proposition of Adobe Business Catalyst software:

  1. The software is All-In-One solution and is fully integrated. It provides a complete package of CMS, eCommerce, CRM, Email Marketing, Reporting and Analytics. In other words when users log in, they will be able to immediately access their Contact Database, Orders, Form Submissions, Products and Catalogues, Web pages, CMS, and Email Marketing campaigns from one central location instead of using 6 different software to run their online business.
  2. The User Interface is simple and intuitive. Most other solutions or platform require users to login into separate modules such as e-commerce, campaign management and CRM.
  3. The software is also SaaS solution which means our clients will continue to get new features and updates and our company does not need to worry about upgrades or doing server maintenance as Adobe takes care of everything.
  4. In a recent partner satisfaction survey, 90% of Adobe Business Catalyst partners who build Online Businesses with Business Catalyst say that the platform/software meets all the needs of most of the projects that they do for their clients.

By becoming their partner, our company can fully promote, utilise, and implement all of their online features for the benefit of our clients.

Strategic Alliances and Access to broad Business Networks

We also closely work with other businesses to make sure that our clients get not only amazing website but also advices, facilities, and knowledge from other business experts

Visit our Alliance Partners page for more information.